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Moving Labor by the Hour: Small Job Moving Help in Virginia

For those of you who don't need a full-service move (and you only have one or two items to move) but still want the convenience of professional movers, we offer our small job moving service. For a reasonable hourly fee, you can have professional movers come and help with your move. All you need to do is pay for their time and they will show up with all the necessary tools. It's as easy as that!


What is a small job moving service?

A small job moving service provides affordable rates for local moves of smaller sizes. In addition sometimes a small job may consist of packing services, as well as boxes and other supplies to make the move easier.

The moving crews are experienced and will take care of all your needs - from loading to unloading. The movers will work with you on scheduling so you don't have any unforeseen delays or surprises along the way.


How do I know if my move is a small job or not?

A small job moving service is for those who need to move a few things or just one item. You know if your move falls into this category when it doesn't require all the services of a full-service mover - such as packing and unpacking, loading, driving logistics, de-cluttering before your arrival in the new place etc.


Why should I use a small job mover?

Small job movers are for people with only a few items. These movers are less expensive than full-service moving companies. The other benefit is that you can save a lot of time by skipping the packing, unpacking or driving logistics services.

If your move doesn't require all the services of a full service mover - such as loading, driving, unloading, packing then you may be in need of a small job mover.


What does it cost to hire a company like ours for my move?

A small job mover charges you for the service and mileage. You can calculate how much your move will cost by reaching out to a local small job mover like BoxStar Movers in Arlington. Call us today at (202) 843-9181 for a free quote.


Do you offer packing services or storage facilities as well as house moves?

Yes, we can pack all the items in your home and store them for the short or long-term.

Our movers are experienced and licensed professionals who will take care of all the heavy lifting. You can trust our team with any move, big or small. We have competitive rates and flexible scheduling options, including same-day service. Request a quote today or call us at (202) 843-9181.

Small Job Moves in Arlington VA

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