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16 Actionable Steps to Prepare for Local Movers

Posted on 
September 23, 2021

You can't avoid it. The time will come when you have to move out of your current home and into a new one. It's going to be a chaotic, stressful process that is going to take up most of your day for the next few weeks or so. Are you about to move and worried that your things will get lost, broken or stolen? Or maybe you're just not sure what steps to take before the movers arrive. No matter which one applies, we’ve got you covered with 16 actionable steps for preparing for a local moving service!

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1. Make a list of all items in your home and make sure to note the condition, location, and current value for each item.

Put a date or code on your box to indicate when it was packed. This will make unpacking easier and help you avoid the hassle of replacing items if they get lost in storage! It’s also helpful to note which room each box is from so movers can set up your new home just as you want it! Be sure to label any fragile items or boxes that are small so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

2. Clean and declutter your home to make it easier for movers to pack.

It is important to make sure that your home is tidy and organized before moving. It can be challenging for movers to move around boxes, furniture and other belongings if they are all over the place. If you have a lot of things on the floor or in closets then it will take them longer to pack everything up which means more money spent on labor charges.

3. Pack up anything that is valuable or sentimental

Even if you don't believe it's necessary to pack these items, make sure they are secure. You could place them in a box and mark the outside "Fragile". Don't forget to label each room with an inventory list of your belongings inside. This is helpful when doing inventories with movers later on so there aren't any mix ups.

4. Get rid of any clutter from around the house - old clothes, shoes, books 

Every time you move into a new place, there are always boxes of unwanted items that end up in the trash. By packing these things ahead of time and donating them to charity or recycling centers, not only will your house be cleaner for when the movers get here but it'll also help someone else out!

5. Label boxes with a list of what's inside

Most important is to make sure you label all your boxes--especially those that are packed with items. You don't want anyone(including yourself) to have the "one box" phenomenon, where they open up a random box and can't figure out what it contains because there's no label on it!

You should also be specific when labeling each item, and use the same labels on multiple boxes. The last thing you want is to unpack your kitchen dishes and find out that half of them went into a box labeled "bathroom" and now they're broken because other movers mishandled it!

In addition, try labeling all items from smallest to largest so nothing gets lost at the bottom. Don't forget to label the box itself with your name, new address and how many boxes are inside--this will make it easier for everyone involved.

Last but not least, if you have some items that are more important than others or too fragile to be handled roughly(like dishes), don't hesitate to mark these as "fragile" on a piece of masking tape.

6. Clean out cabinets and drawers in kitchens and bathrooms

You don't want to have your movers pack dirty dishes, so make sure any that are in the sink(or wherever) get washed. All counters and surfaces should be cleared out too--movers can use these areas to set up furniture items when they arrive at your new place!

7. Get rid of old food in the fridge to avoid attracting pests

If you have food in the fridge or pantry that is about to go bad, throw it out so there are no odors when the movers arrive. This will also help deter pests from moving into your new home after they're done packing everything up!

Make sure you empty all cabinets and drawers of their contents as well, because the last thing you want is for your dishes to break inside of an enclosed cabinet!

You can also ask friends and family if they would like any leftover food, or put it outside with a "Free" sign attached. You never know who may show up looking for something to eat after the movers leave!

8. Make sure you have a working flashlight or lantern for after dark

Moving during the day is much easier than moving at night because it's harder to see what you're doing. It can also be more dangerous if there are no street lights in an unfamiliar neighborhood!

If your movers come when it's dark(and they won't come back later) then make sure you have a working flashlight or lantern for after dark, and that it's near where you will be packing up your belongings.

9. Find a place for your pets while you're gone

Packing up a pet can be difficult for them and stressful on you, so it's best to find a place where they will stay safe while the movers are working.

Of course this doesn't mean your pets won't miss you during the move--in fact they may even try to follow! Make sure there is some type of barrier between your pets and the movers, like a baby gate or room with the door closed.

You can also ask friends if they would be willing to look after them for you(this will cost some compensation though), or if there's an animal shelter near where you're moving that has open kennels!

10. Have an emergency kit with first aid supplies

If you're moving on your own, it's important to be prepared in case something goes wrong. An emergency kit with first aid supplies will come in very handy if someone gets injured while the movers are working!

You should also include at least one gallon of water per person and some food like granola bars or nuts--just make sure it doesn't melt or spoil in the heat!

It's also a good idea to have some cash on hand if you need to pay for anything, and don't forget your wallet with IDs. If anyone has an important medication they absolutely can not go without, make sure that is included too!

11. Make sure all important documents are safely stored away from the moving process

You never know what can happen to your things while they are being moved, so it's important that you have all of the most important documents safely stored away.

This includes Social Security cards, birth certificates and passports--if these items get lost then it could be a huge hassle for everyone involved!

Make sure you also include any legal papers you may have, like divorce papers or your lease agreement. Your movers should know where to look for these things though--it's best if you label the box "Important Documents" before they arrive!

12. Take apart furniture if necessary to make it easier for movers to get into the house without damaging anything

If you have larger furniture pieces like a table or bed, it can be difficult for the movers to get through doorways. If they need to take them apart in order for your things to fit then do so! Just make sure everything goes back together easily after the move is over.

13. Add an outdoor rug to create more space for relaxing outside 

This will minimize the chance of your outdoor area being disturbed during a move, and it can also be more comfortable to walk on if there are boxes or furniture out there.

14. Have a separate area where movers can put things that need special attention

If you have anything breakable or expensive then it may be best to keep those things separate from the rest of your things. This way if something does happen to them, you'll only be out a few items instead of everything!

Of course this doesn't mean giving movers free reign with your belongings--it's best to make sure they don't put anything where it shouldn't go or leave boxes stacked too high. It's also important to make sure they know not to put anything on top of appliances like the fridge or microwave.

15. Get rid of all electronics before movers arrive

There's nothing worse than moving an electronic and finding it doesn't work after the move is over! If you have a TV, computer or gaming system then bring those to your local electronics store for safe keeping. It will be cheaper to replace them if they are broken by movers instead of being out thousands from buying new ones.

16. Remove any valuables from your car before movers arrive 

You should never leave anything of value in your car while movers are working, but it's especially important to remove things like wallets and purses before they arrive. A bad mover could take advantage of this opportunity to steal something valuable from you!

We're glad you made it to the end of this article! Now that you have all these tips under your belt, hopefully moving day will go smoothly. If not or if anything goes wrong, don't forget about our experts here at BoxStar Movers who are always happy to help out with relocation services. Call us today at (202) 843-9181 for a free quote on your move and we'll be more than happy to give you an estimate based on what's in your home right now before giving over any details so that there are no surprises down the line.

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